Casa Tweaks is open!

You happen to be walking down the street, minding your own business, thinking about tonight’s dinner out and what you’re going to wear when suddenly you see it.

It’s a door that wasn’t there just yesterday. It’s yellow (bright) and next to it is someone unpacking a round object with slow-motion care. She places the object on the window of what appears to be a store, notices your puzzled look and smiles an inviting smile.

This is what Casa Tweaks is about –a little (online) shop where you can come in, have a look and find that perfect object you still didn’t know your home needed. We look bright yellow because we like the power of sunshine and what it can bring into every home (plus let’s face it –it suits us!) and it reminds us of yellow lemon fields in Sorrento.

Should’ve mentioned our store sells homeware from all around Europe…

We lived for quite some time in Italy and many of the objects that made part of our everyday life back then are still with us. Some have lost a bit of their original shine yet they look robust and homely and they tell stories of family. This is why we love our Casa –we only display on the window those products that we know can truly turn a house into a home.

And when is a home born? A home is born when a new picture is hung, when curtains go up or a new vase appears by the windowsill. It’s usually the smaller objects that you treasure most. At Casa Tweaks you find the objects and the brands that we love and this is why we treat our products with tender loving care.

Which reminds me of the lady still unpacking. That’s us, and we have many unopened boxes at the back of the store. Oh, and her inviting smile is also ours –this is your Casa too.